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Jewish Arts is delighted to partner Limmud Oz this year, presenting on 11 June.

  • Midday: Mark Ginsburg presents “Reaching for an inner voice – the influence of chazzanut on Jewish jazz musicians”.
  • 2:45pm: Keren Sharon presents “The multicultural world of Israeli dance”, a participatory session delving into some of the major influences in the evolution of Israeli folk dancing.  
  • 6:15pm: Aaron Robuck and Judy Campbell, the co-writers of the new musical “One of a Kind”, together with a stellar cast and multicultural band present a dramatic reading of the show. This is a special long session with a short intermission between Act 1 and Act 2.

Visit  http://www.shalom.edu.au/event/limmud-oz-2017/ to book for Limmud Oz. There are several ticket options, including a "Night Ticket" for sessions from 6pm onwards. This would make it possible to just attend the reading of "One of a Kind" if desired. Be aware that prices for all ticket types go up on 1st June